The journey of Global Gypsum started with spark of friendship from a school bench, both Mr. Atif Qureshi and Mr.Talha khan are school mates and now director at Global Gypsum Pvt Ltd. Mr. Atif Qureshi & Mr. Talha khan set up Global Gypsum in January 2009 with a clear vision and objective to establish the nascent company as a major player in the national and international market. Today, the company employs the latest mining technology, has expanded alliance abroad and holds the title of the quality manufacturer of gypsum plaster in the industry.

Currently they serves a pivotal role in the diversified business of Gypsum, where they has imprinted his trademark of honesty, integrity, transparency and quality. Under their leadership, Global Gypsum has already acquired the distinction of being the best quality Gypsum in the country, certified and buttressed by numerous independent agencies, dealers and end-users.

For Them, work is a passion – a hobby practiced and pursued from his early calls at the factory. Their determination, Their leadership and Their compassion are qualities that makes both of them a true visionary. In the years to come, their influence will be of paramount importance to the success of the company as they continues to build the dream that began their career.

Directors Message  


We would like to extend our gratitude to all employees, customers, suppliers, financial institutions, advisors and other stakeholders, for their dedication and undying support. Our central focus is and will always be to create value for our stakeholders. As long as we are committed to providing best quality of product and services, I am sure we will continue to be India’s most respected Gypsum producing company.


Atif Qureshi 

Director, Global Gypsum Pvt. Ltd.

Talha Khan

Director, Global Gypsum Pvt. Ltd.