GlobalGyp Bond is polymer based coarse coating to perform as a bonding Agent to create strong bond of Gypsum plaster on any cementitious substrate including high quality concrete surfaces.It comes in green color and hence is easily traceable for provides a strong chemical bonding coat and also mechanical bonding substrate.


  1. Ready to use material,site adulteration is prohibited.
  2. Bonding to various substrates/Good Bonding to R.C.C.,Gypsum and Cement-Sand plaster.
  3. Single coat application/Quick job completion.
  4. Contains graded granules and hybrid polymer/Better mechanical and chemical anchoring.
  5. Dark Green in color for easy identification.
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Technical Specification 


Setting Time 24 Hrs
Color Dark Green
Form Liquid Emulsion
Sp. Gravity 1.25+- 0.10
Ph 7-9(Alkaline)
Type Colloidal solution with suspended solids
Solid Contents More than 52%

Chemical Composition
Polymer based liquid

Drying Type
Air Drying

Identification & Packing
GlobalGyp Bond is packed in plastic buckets. The outer layer of the bucket is printed with the product image, safety instruction, batch number, date of manufacturing, correspondence address and application instructions.

Available Sizes
20 kg, 10 kg, 5kg & 1 kg

Storage and Shelflife
Store away from direct sunlight. 6 months from date of Manufacturing


Coverage* 50 Sqft/Kg

Standard Compliance     

Testing procedure as per ASTM D7234

Standard Compliance
Testing procedure as per ASTM D7234

Storage & Handling
GlobalGyp Bond is supplied in buckets. The dimensions of the buckets ensure that a well-filled appearance is presented when filled and the buckets can be stacked on a pallet in a stable and well-stacked array. Buckets should be stored in a cool dry place. After opening of bucket the material should be used as quickly as possible.

Background  Preparation
Surface on which GlobalGyp Bond application to be done should be clean, dry and free from mold oil or any other agents. Any faults in the structure, particularly those which may lead to moisture penetration, must be rectified. Just before application of GlobalGyp Bond, pre-wetting must be done with the help of a brush/roller.

Mix material properly with clean rod to properly distribute solid particles in the solution.

Use good quality paint brush/roller. The brush should be cleaned with enough water immediately after use. Apply with even distribution of fine aggregates over the surface. Allow it to dry thoroughly for around 24 hours.


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Apply to Surface

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Plaster over treated area

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