Global Gypsum is one of the credible miners, suppliers and importers of the best quality GYPSUM ROCKS. We source our GYPSUM ROCKS directly from our mine that is geographically located near the port. Our highly consistent GYPSUM ROCKS are chemically tested to assure quality and efficiency as well as it is available in various sizes in bulk. We also have wide ranges of updated machineries and equipments that enable us to meet our customers’ different requirements.Our Gypsum Rock is supplied in various sizes. We have a sophisticated gypsum stone crushing plant capable of producing sized and graded gypsum across the region.

Features & Benefits 

  1. Cement factory to mix it with clinker
  2. Gypsum Industries
  3. Plaster Industries
  4. Plaster Board Industries
  5. Fertilizer
  6. Other Industries
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Technical & Physical Parameters   

Gypsum Component Min% Max%
CAS042H2o 90 92
Combined Water 18.83 19.20
Sio2 1 4
Aluminium oxide AI2o3 0.1 2.5
Iron oxide Fe2o3 0.08 0.1
Calcium oxide Cao 29.30 29.95
Magnesium oxide Mgo 0.1 1.5
Chloride as sodium chloride CI 0.008 0.04
Sulphur Trioxide So3 41.8 42.80
Moisture 0.5 2.1
Size 0-50mm  to 50-150mm

Chemical Composition
Calcium Sulphate Hemihydrate: CaS04. ½ H2O

Identification & Packing
Global gypsum rocks can be delivered in Bulk vessel, containers and barge.

Available Sizes

  1. 0-50mm
  2. 50-150mm
  3. 50-250mm

Chemical Analysis
Test Method: ASTM C 471 / C 471 M